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Genetic influence on lifespan brain development – new PNAS paper

Our group has just published a new research paper in the prestigious journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. The study investigates how genetically determined neurodevelopmental events can have consequences for the structural architecture of the brain that span the duration of human life, and thus how both […]

Glial cells and cerebral blood flow regulation

Prof. Erlend Nagelhus is the leader of the Letten Centre and GliaLab, a facility for in-vivo optical imaging focussing upon synapse dynamics, neuronal-glial-vascular interactions in brain diseases and the role of glial cells in water homeostasis. He came in to the LCBC office to give us a fascinating lecture entitled “Glial removal of brain interstitial fluid and waste: […]

Development of white matter tracts in children

LCBC has just published a new research paper in the journal NeuroImage. The paper uses diffusion tensor imaging – a measure of the extent of diffusion of water molecules across the brain which links with the extent of neuronal myelination – to investigate the development of the brain’s white matter tracts in children aged between […]

Memory, aging, and the brain at rest

LCBC has just published a new research paper in the journal Neurobiology of Aging. The study addresses the question of whether levels of functional connectivity between diverse brain regions in the resting brain can help to explain differences in episodic memory ability with age. Using a longitudinal follow-up design (after 3.5 years) across many ages, […]