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Benefits of multi-modal fusion analysis on a large-scale dataset: Life-span patterns of inter-subject variability in cortical morphometry and white matter microstructure

NeuroImage pdf

Groves, A; Smith, S M; Fjell, A M; Tamnes, C K; Walhovd, K B; Douaud, G; Woolrich, M & Westlye, L T

Morphometry and connectivity of the fronto-parietal verbal working memory network in development

Neuropsychologia pdf

Østby, Y; Tamnes, C K; Fjell, A M & Walhovd, K B

The brain dynamics of intellectual development: Waxing and waning white and gray matter

Neuropsychologia pdf

Tamnes, C K; Fjell, A M; Østby, Y; Westlye, L T; Due-Tønnessen, P; Bjørnerud, A & Walhovd, K B

Intellectual Abilities and White Matter Microstructure in Development: A Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study

Human Brain Mapping pdf

Tamnes, C K; Østby, Y; Walhovd, K B; Westlye, L T; Due-Tønnessen, P & Fjell, A M

Brain Maturation in Adolescence and Young Adulthood: Regional Age-Related Changes in Cortical Thickness and White Matter Volume and Microstructure

Cerebral Cortex pdf

Tamnes, C K; Østby, Y; Fjell, A M; Westlye, L T; Due-Tønnessen, P & Walhovd, K B