Ta vare på hjernen!

A healthy brain is essential to enjoy a productive human life. How can we keep our brain healthy? How does our environment affect our brain throughout life? How can we optimize our brain function? Brain health researchers in the EU-funded Lifebrain project will present some of their findings during the public lecture in Norwegian and in English.

Kristine Beate Walhovd, Professor, Centre for Lifespan Changes in Brain and Cognition, University of Oslo. Coordinator of the Lifebrain project. She will discuss why is it important to take care of our brain all along the lifespan (Lecture in Norwegian).

Sana Suri, Post-doc researcher, University of Oxford/Lifebrain project. Sana will discuss the opportunities and challenges an aging population may bring, how risk factors including high blood pressure can accelerate brain aging, and how physical activity can help promote healthy brain aging. (Lecture in English).