Kristine & Anders awarded UiO research prize, 2015

Photo: Yngve Vogt

It is a huge honour for us to receive this prize. A big thanks to UiO, the institute, and friends and family who have supported us along the way

Our research focuses on mapping how the human brain changes through the whole lifecycle from childhood to over 90 years of age. Previously researchers were more preoccupied with investigating how the brain functioned in youth and old age separately. We were among the first to start investigating how changes happen over time throughout the entire lifespan.

We dont get this prize just for our own efforts, but a number of very talented colleagues have contributed to this. Therefore, it was natural to spend the prize money on something that all of LCBC could enjoy. Next month over 20 of us will go on a group trip to Barcelona, where we will have a 3 day seminar with our local partners there. We look forward to being able to discuss overarching theoretical perspectives and have fun together!

LCBC’s  founders have just been awarded the University of Oslo research prize for 2015.

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