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Our goal is to understand brain and cognition: how they change throughout the entire lifespan, and how we can optimize them. LCBC aims to explain, predict, and promote cognitive function from birth to old age. We believe the key is to investigate the enormous variation in brain and cognition at different ages, both within and across individuals. We also look at how this is affected by risk factors and transitions into clinical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.


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Development of white matter microstructure in relation to verbal and visuospatial working memory - A longitudinal study

PLoS ONE; Krogsrud S. K.; Fjell A. M.; Tamnes C. K.; Grydeland H.; Due-Tønnesen, P.; Bjørnerud A.; Sampaio-Baptista C.; Andersson J.; Johansen-Berg H.; Walhovd K. B. &nbs…

The Temporal Dynamics of Brain Plasticity in Aging

Cerebral Cortex;  Glasø de Lange, A; Bråthen, A. C; Rohani, D; Fjell, A. M; Walhovd, K

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