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Our goal is to understand brain and cognitive changes throughout the entire lifespan, and how we can optimize them. LCBC aims to explain, predict, and promote cognitive function from birth to old age. We believe the key is to investigate the enormous variation in brain and cognition at different ages, both within and across individuals, and how this is affected by risk factors and transcends into clinical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.


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Development of white matter microstructure in relation to verbal and visuospatial working memory - A longitudinal study

PLoS ONE; Krogsrud S. K.; Fjell A. M.; Tamnes C. K.; Grydeland H.; Due-Tønnesen, P.; Bjørnerud A.; Sampaio-Baptista C.; Andersson J.; Johansen-Berg H.; Walhovd K. B. &nbs…

The Temporal Dynamics of Brain Plasticity in Aging

Cerebral Cortex;  Glasø de Lange, A; Bråthen, A. C; Rohani, D; Fjell, A. M; Walhovd, K

Poor sleep quality and Alzheimer's biomarkers

Sleep is associated with many beneficial brain processes, including the strengthening of synaptic connections that correspond to memories and learnt material, and the clearance of potential…

Events: Past & Future

Glial cells and cerebral blood flow regulation

Prof. Erlend Nagelhus is the leader of the Letten Centre and GliaLab, a facility for in-vivo optical...
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Bareclona retreat!

As a reward for being named as a world-class research group and our founders Anders and Kristine ...
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Oxygen to newborns: vital or toxic?

We were fortunate enough to host a lunch meeting with guest speaker Prof. Ola Didrik Saugstad on?...
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From big data to individual psychopathology

Ole Andreassen from the Norwegian Institute for Mental Disoders Research (NORMENT) came in to the LCBC offices to give us a presentation
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A matter of perspective in time

Today LCBC hosted a lunch meeting with Bård Harstad from UiO’s Department of Economics. Bård gav...
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Perspectives on Lifespan Changes in Brain and Cognition

Welcome to the opening seminar of the Center for Lifespan Changes in Brain and Cognition (LCBC).
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Brain plasticity and ageing

LCBC is proud to host a seminar with esteemed guest speakers Cheryl Grady, Bogdan Draganski and Lars Nyberg on brain plasticity and cognitive change.
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Opening Seminar: INTPART

The Oslo-Toronto Alliance in Lifespan Changes in Brain and Cognition With presentations from special guest speakers Tomáš Paus and Zdenka Pausova
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Sleep and memory

Presentation by renowned sleep and memory researcher Björn Rasch
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Oslo PsychScience 2018

Are you interested in learning a bit more about different areas of psychology? Our presenters will tell you about their work, research, or what they are passionate within the field of psychology in less than 7 minutes.
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Ta vare på hjernen!

A healthy brain is essential to enjoy a productive human life. How can we keep our brain healthy? How does our environment affect our brain throughout life? How can we optimize our brain function?
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