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Child Neuroanatomical, Neurocognitive, and Visual Acuity Outcomes With Maternal Opioid and Polysubstance Detoxification

Pediatric Neurology; pdf

Walhovd, K B; Bjørnebekk, A; Haabrekke, K J; Siqveland, T; Slinning, K; Nygaard, E; Fjell, A M; Due-Tønnessen, P; Bjørnerud, A & Moe, V

Development of children born to mothers with mental health problems: subcortical volumes and cognitive performance at 4½ years

European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; pdf

Bjørnebekk, A; Siqveland, T; Haabrekke, K J; Moe, V; Slinning, K; Fjell, A M & Walhovd, K B (2014)

Neuronal correlates of the five factor model (FFM) of human personality: Multimodal imaging in a large healthy sample

NeuroImage; pdf

Bjørnebekk, A; Fjell, A M; Walhovd, K B; Grydeland, H; Torgersen, S & Westlye, L T (2013)

Social Reward Dependence and Brain White Matter Microstructure

Cerebral Cortex; pdf

Bjørnebekk, A; Westlye, L T; Fjell, A M; Grydeland, H & Walhovd, K B

Linking an Anxiety-Related Personality Trait to Brain White Matter Microstructure Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Harm Avoidance

Archives of General Psychiatry pdf

Westlye, L T; Bjørnebekk, A; Grydeland, H; Fjell, A M & Walhovd, K B