Functional connectivity change across multiple cortical networks relates to episodic memory changes in aging

Neurobiology of Agingpdf

Fjell, A. M., Sneve, M. H., Grydeland, H., Storsve, A. B., Glasø de Lange, A-M., Amlien, I. K., Røgeberg, Ø. & Walhovd, K

High-expanding cortical regions in human development and evolution are related to higher intellectual abilities

Cerebral Cortex; pdf

Fjell, A M; Westlye, L T; Amlien, I; Tamnes, C K; Grydeland, H; Engvig, A; Espeseth, Thomas; Reinvang, Ivar; Lundervold, Astri; Lundervold, Arvid & Walhovd, K B

Brain events underlying episodic memory changes in aging: A longitudinal investigation of structural and functional connectivity

Cerebral Cortex; pdf

Fjell, A M; Sneve, M H; Storsve, A Berg; Grydeland, H; Yendiki, Anastasia & Walhovd, K B

Premises of plasticity—And the loneliness of the medial temporal lobe

NeuroImage;  pdf

Walhovd, K. B., Westerhausen, R., de Lange, A. M. G., Bråthen, A. C. S., Grydeland, H., Engvig, A., & Fjell, A. M

Intracortical Posterior Cingulate Myelin Content Relates to Error Processing – Results From T1- and T2-weighted MRI Myelin Mapping and Electrophysiology in Healthy Adults

Cerebral Cortex; pdf

Grydeland, H; Westlye, L T; Walhovd, K B & Fjell, A M

Mechanisms underlying encoding of short-lived versus durable episodic memories

Journal of Neuroscience; pdf

Sneve, M H; Grydeland, H; Nyberg, L; Bowles, Ben; Amlien, I K; Langnes, E; Walhovd, K B & Fjell, A M

Organizing principles of human cortical development – thickness and area from four to thirty years: Insights from comparative primate neuroanatomy

Cerebral Cortex; pdf

Amlien, I; Fjell, A M; Tamnes, C K; Grydeland, H; Krogsrud, S K; Chaplin, T A; Rosa, M GP & Walhovd, K B

Development of hippocampal subfield volumes from 4 to 22 years

Human Brain Mapping;pdf

Krogsrud, S K; Tamnes, C K; Fjell, A M; Amlien, I; Grydeland, H; Sulutvedt, U; Due-Tønnessen, P; Bjørnerud, A; Sølsnes, A E; Håberg, A; Skranes, J S & Walhovd, K B

Regional hippocampal volumes and development predict learning and memory

Developmental Neuroscience; pdf

Tamnes, C K; Walhovd, K B; Engvig, A; Grydeland, H; Krogsrud, S K; Østby, Y; Holland, D; Dale, A & Fjell, A M

The roots of Alzheimer’s Disease: Are high-expanding cortical areas preferentially targeted? 

Cerebral Cortex; pdf

Fjell, A M; Amlien, I; Sneve, M H; Grydeland, H; Tamnes, C K; Chaplin, T; Rosa, M & Walhovd, K B