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Neuroinflammation and tau interact with amyloid in predicting sleep problems in aging independently of atrophy

Cerebral Cortex; pdf

Fjell, A.M., Idland, A-V., Sala-Lonch, R., Watne, L.O., Borza, T., Brækhus, A., Lona, T., Zetterberg, H., Blennow, K., Wyller, T.B. & Walhovd, K.B.

Inflammation, amyloid and atrophy in the aging brain: relationships with longitudinal changes in cognition

Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease; pdf

Sala-Llonch R, Idland A-V, Borza T, Watne LO, Bruun TB, Brækhus A, Zetterberg H, Blennow K, Walhovd KB, Fjell AM (In press)

Development and aging of cortical thickness correspond to genetic organization patterns

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America; pdf

Fjell, A M; Grydeland, H; Krogsrud, S K; Amlien, I; Rohani, D A; Ferschmann, L; … & Walhovd, K B