Memory, aging, and the brain at rest

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LCBC has just published a new research paper in the journal Neurobiology of Aging. The study addresses the question of whether levels of functional connectivity between diverse brain regions in the resting brain can help to explain differences in episodic memory ability with age. Using a longitudinal follow-up design (after 3.5 years) across many ages, the difference in memory score between baseline and 3.5 years was found to be related to resting state functional connectivity measures – an index of brain connectivity at rest. It was thus found that changes in episodic memory ability over time related to connectivity levels in the resting brain, and that this also varied in an age-dependent manner.




Fjell, A. M., Sneve, M. H., Grydeland, H., Storsve, A. B., de Lange, A. M. G., Amlien, I. K., … & Walhovd, K. B. (2015). Functional connectivity change across multiple cortical networks relates to episodic memory changes in aging. Neurobiology of Aging.

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