Bareclona retreat!

As a reward for being named as a world-class research group and our founders Anders and Kristine receiving the the Research Prize for 2015, our group jetted off to Barcelona for a long weekend, to engage ourselves in discussions of the overarching theoretical perspectives running through aging and Alzheimer’s research, this time against a sunny beach backdrop. The weekend featured a guest talk from David Bartrés-Faz from the University of Barcelona on the concepts of cognitive reserve and brain maintenance as we age. The rest of the weekend was characterised by group-runs along the beach promenade, fantastic food, a karaoke bar, a visit to la Sagrada Família, and an after-hours guided tour of the Palau de la Música Catalana (palace of Catalan music). All this was made possible through the inside knowledge and efforts of our own Catalonian rock-star post-docs, Roser and Didac.