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High-expanding cortical regions in human development and evolution are related to higher intellectual abilities

Cerebral Cortex; pdf

Fjell, A M; Westlye, L T; Amlien, I; Tamnes, C K; Grydeland, H; Engvig, A; Espeseth, Thomas; Reinvang, Ivar; Lundervold, Astri; Lundervold, Arvid & Walhovd, K B

Neurocognitive outcome in very long-term survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia after treatment with chemotherapy only

Pediatric Blood & Cancer; pdf

Kanellopoulos, Adriani; Ason, Stein; Zeller, Bernward; Tamnes, C K; Fjell, A M; Walhovd, K B; Westlye, L T; Fosså, S D & Ruud, E

Intracortical Posterior Cingulate Myelin Content Relates to Error Processing – Results From T1- and T2-weighted MRI Myelin Mapping and Electrophysiology in Healthy Adults

Cerebral Cortex; pdf

Grydeland, H; Westlye, L T; Walhovd, K B & Fjell, A M

A common brain network links development, aging, and vulnerability to disease

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America; pdf

Douaud, G; Groves, A; Tamnes, C K; Westlye, L T; Duff, E; Engvig, A; Walhovd, K B; James, A; Gass, A; Monsch, A U; Matthews, P M; Fjell, A M; Smith, S & Johansen-Berg, H

Accelerated changes in white matter microstructure during aging: A longitudinal diffusion tensor imaging study

Journal of Neuroscience; pdf

Sexton, C E; Walhovd, K B; Storsve, A B; Tamnes, C K; Westlye, L T; Johansen-Berg, H & Fjell, A M

Bridging the gap between clinical neuroscience and cognitive rehabilitation: The role of cognitive training, models of neuroplasticity and advanced neuroimaging in future brain injury rehabilitation

NeuroRehabilitation; pdf

Nordvik, J E; Walle, K M; Nyberg, C; Fjell, A M; Walhovd, K B; Westlye, L T & Tornås, S

Differential longitudinal changes in cortical thickness, surface area and volume across the adult lifespan: Regions of accelerating and decelerating change

Journal of Neuroscience; pdf

Storsve, A B; Fjell, A M; Tamnes, C K; Westlye, L T; Øverbye, K; Aasland, H W & Walhovd, K B

Effects of Cognitive Training on Gray Matter Volumes in Memory Clinic Patients with Subjective Memory Impairment

Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease; pdf

Engvig, A; Fjell, A M; Westlye, L T; Skaane, N V; Dale, A M.; Holland, D; Due-Tønnessen, P; Sundset, Øyvind & Walhovd, K B

Accelerating cortical thinning: Unique to dementia or universal in aging?

Cerebral Cortex; pdf

Fjell, A M; Westlye, L T; Grydeland, H; Amlien, I; Espeseth, T; Reinvang, I; Raz, N; Dale, A & Walhovd, K B

Blood markers of fatty acids and vitamin D, cardiovascular measures, body mass index, and physical activity relate to longitudinal cortical thinning in normal aging

Neurobiology of Aging; pdf

Walhovd, K B; Storsve, A Berg; Westlye, L T; Drevon, C A & Fjell, A M